Monday, December 31, 2007

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Welcome to UnSp, a place for people of all backgrounds and creeds to come together and to understand each other, for all those looking towards greatness and truth to open-mindedly explore the realms of the various philosophies.
We are a general purpose website, and we aim to make our material relevant to everything from the sciences to the arts, from popular culture to spiritual and religious matters, from work to friends' gatherings.
We aim at good communication and wellbeing among people from different backgrounds, races, cultures and religions, so that we can all grow together. We believe that it is much more productive and peaceful if people can come together and communicate well, and truth and understanding, which we are all imperfect at, requires good communication.

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Friday, May 26, 2006

General UnSp News

The United Spirit Newsletter #1

It is increasing recongnised that traditional values and activities can really be part of an empowering modern life. That in itself is good in that it ends the conflict between good traditions and the modern life, and also paves the way to applying traditions more broadly. For example, problems of violence, public sexual misbehaviour, materialism, addiction etc. really need to be corrected before any good life or spirituality can be braodly applied.

However, we do not want the benefit of traditions to only reach some people - hence universal communication of these, across traditional cultural and religious groups, is also important. This includes reaching out to those traditionally viewed as morally questionable - I believe that it is more that such education hasn't been delievered properly in their culture, not that they are just bad people, that is causing the problem.